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21st Annual | June 25-28, 2020 | Denver, CO

National Leadership Academy (NLA) is an intensive 4-day Academy for high school students, focusing on developing heart-led leaders through compassion to others and service to the community.
NLA builds leadership skills, inspires purpose, and empowers students to ask,

"What more can I do to make a positive impact in my school, community, and the world?"



Calling all Heart-Led Leaders!

Did you attend NLA 2019? Check out the recap video below!


Since 2000, the National Leadership Academy has been delivering transformational high school student leadership training, focused on compassion to others and service to your community. Heart-Led Leaders who attend our program have the opportunity to meet renowned speakers & community leaders, partake in powerful service projects, and get out of their comfort zone as we spend 4 days learning, growing, and making new friends.

You will receive the experience and success skills you need to be be empowered & take action to make a positive impact in your school, community, and the world.


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The National Leadership Academy was one of the single most impactful experiences I had in high school. I attended NLA twice and came away inspired and motivated to help others and give back to my community. Thanks to the experience I had at NLA, I started my own non-profit organization to perform random acts of kindness in my community.
I can’t recommend NLA enough to all high school students!
— Molly N: NLA Student
National Leadership Academy has done so much for our students in Rockwood School District and the leadership skills learned are guiding the district to new directions in terms of service, love for others, and an admiration for differences. In light of some of the civil unrest in the St. Louis area as of late, it has been amazing watching our NLA students in action. Quite simply, they get it…
— Dr. James Wipke: Superintendent, St Louis, MO
National Leadership Academy was truly a game-changer for our daughter, Lauren. She has always been a confident young woman, but her time at NLA, spent with peers who were seeking inspiration to make an impact on their world, was very significant for her. In those few short days, she was encouraged and empowered by the dynamic group of speakers and presenters, as well as impacted greatly by the community service opportunities. She returned to her community inspired to make a difference.
— Lindsay and Terry Adams: Parents of NLA Alumna

“I hope you choose to become a heart-led leader because it will change you and the people you influence”

Tommy Spaulding  |  NY Times best-selling author & NLA Founder

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