The Impact of Nominating

For 18 years, more than 3,00 high school students have participated in the National Leadership Academy heart-led, servant leadership development program. A large number of those students were nominated by caring, inspiring teachers who saw their potential for a bright future.

The value and positive impact your nomination has on a student cannot be overstated. NLA alumni and their parents strongly attest to the positive impact the program has made in their lives. Even if your nominees decide not to attend a program, your vote of confidence in their hard work and dedication builds confidence and inspires them to keep reaching their goals.


Our programs are filled with students who represent a variety of backgrounds and possess a broad range of strengths, interests, and goals. All of our students contribute in their own unique ways to the depth and breadth of the experience.

We encourage you to nominate your high-potential students who:

  • Show special academic promise, aspirations, and leadership potential

  • Can meet the challenges of the program’s rigorous curriculum

  • Will be mature and confident contributors to group and program activities

Experiential Curriculum

The NLA curriculum guarantees a hands-on, in-depth learning experience. 

The curriculum is designed to empower students to get actively involved in making a positive impact in their communities. Students are challenged to think analytically and develop personal and professional relationships with other students, and they receive real world experience and skill building in areas such as:

  • Communication and team building

  • Peer-to-Peer mentorship

  • Analytical thinking and problem solving

  • Getting outside the comfort zone

  • Public speaking

My son, Brandon, had a great time, made many new friends, and memories that will last a lifetime. He came back energized and eager to make a difference.
— Sherri Claycomb, CO, Mom of NLA Student
My daughter, Bailey, helped with photography, and my son, Beau, was able to participate in NLA. They feel super energized and renewed, and are grateful for a life-giving experience.
— Casey Gent, CO, Mom of NLA Student