What You Can Expect at NLA

Leadership Development Areas:

  • Leadership Skills

  • Inter- and Intra-Personal Communication Skills

  • Team Building and Teamwork

  • Time Management

  • Assertiveness and Self-confidence

  • Empathy and Humility

  • Public Speaking Skills

  • Necessary Knowledge and Skills to Affect Changed Lives and Communities

Session Topics Include:

  • Character Development

  • Leadership Training

  • Social Entrepreneurship & Starting a Social Movement

  • Developing Self-confidence

  • Global Awareness

  • Servant Leadership

  • Effective Communication

  • Listening with Empathy

NLA Core Experiences


250 high school students from across the country will come together in Denver, CO for four life-changing days of experiential leadership training, learning from renowned speakers, serving the community, adventuring outside their comfort zone, and making lifelong friendships.

Have you attended NLA before?

YOU are invited to join us in the Y2 Program at NLA 2019

Get excited to build upon the skills and experiences from last year! As a Y2 student, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to engage in new and different ways

  • Put your leadership skills to practice within your LEAD Teams

  • Experience additional small group time with keynote speakers

  • Introduce our world-class speakers to the Academy

  • Have one-on-one time with founder, Tommy Spaulding